Why work with us...


We give importance to our work quality that is why we make sure we use the best tools in making films.


We are a young and passionate team, opened to new ideas and ready to create meaningful content.


No need to worry about technical issues that comes with film production. We are here to guide and help you with any kind of logistic needs.


We will make sure shooting your production in Romania will met your expectations, by handling any situation with professionalism.



When it comes to filming locations, Romania represents a beautiful place where history and culture meets modern world whenever you look around –from small villages to big castles and from medieval cities to imposing mountains. There are tons of places to explore and find inspiration for creating visual content.

Most foreigners associate Romania with Dracula or Transylvania, but this country has many other treasures that deserve to be shown to the world. Romania is surrounded by amazing landscapes where great stories and legends were born, and that is why we hope that you`ll choose Romania as your next movie set.

Tax Incentives

The Romanian government supports promotion of film industry by providing up to 45% of eligible expenses for film production shot in Romania. It requires some specific conditions: 35% tax rebate of eligible Romanian spent plus another 10% for promoting Romanian locations.

The non-refundable financial allocations are valid for any type of production, as long as minimum 20% of the total budget of the project is realized on the territory of Romania. The maximum amount of state aid offered is 10 million euros and minimum 100.000 euros for each project.


What is Elliel?

Elliel is a film production studio as well as a streaming service where we make films, documentaries and tv series to inspire, uplift and forward kindness into humanity. All our films are “by the people, for the people with the help of the people.”

What does “By the people, for the people” mean?

Our films are inspired by real life events, and we make them with the help of the people who lived and experienced them.  Our investors are the audience directly.

How can I support Elliel?

There are many ways to support Elliel. One of the most important ways you can support us and our films is by watching them, by sharing them with your friends and family and besides that,  you can also support our films by paying it forward and investing in the filmmakers or purchasing our merch.

What does the Elliel App contain?

The Elliel app has a library of content of our films, deleted scenes from each film, behind the scenes, inside the films and the story behind each film as well as interviews with the cast and the crew. Also, lots of inspiration and Live sessions from the creators.

What is, "Share my story" campaign?

Share my story is an exclusive campaign where we invite our audience to share a personal testimony – and one of those stories will be selected and make into our next film.

Want to get involved?

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