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A documentary about the difference ordinary people  can make in a dark world.

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"It makes you want to be a better person"

Thy Neighbors is an inspiring movie that doesn’t just entertain you, it makes you want to be a better person. The film was accurate, respectful, powerful and beautifully crafted. These stories need to be heard, and I am so grateful the filmmakers gave them a voice and a platform.

- Elizabeth
"A beautiful, poignant film"

Thy Neighbours” is a beautiful, poignant film that tells the stories of the people of Ukraine, the real, regular victims. It tells their stories as we will not hear anywhere else.

- Sandy
"This movie is what the world needs now"

This movie is what the world needs now

- Donna
"Deeply moving & thoughful"

I was deeply moved, and  I found it was extremely thoughtful that the film didn’t carry the heaviness and burdening that sometimes the clips we see online do. I felt uplifted and encouraged and to see the smiley faces of beautiful people that holding on to their last hope was heartwarming.

- Beth
"A moving and inspiring story"

Thy Neighbors” masterfully tells a  moving and inspiring story with exceptional stories highlighting courage all around the world. The film’s beautiful cinematography enhances the emotional and engaging experience.

- Justin
"Narrated in such a beautiful way"

The film is  narrated in such a beautiful way, that the only thought I walked out with is that if only everyone bright their little, the country could be in much better shape.

- Liz
"Thoughtfully weaving footage"

Thoughtfully weaving footage of the devastation throughout Ukraine with touching interviews and stories from its people, the film holds space for the many fine layers within global conflict.

- Terra
"Wonderful documentary"

It was fantastic, I can't even believe how amazing it was- Wow.

- Dee
"This documentary is incredible."

I laughed at times, sobbed at other times , and I am in complete awe of the bravery and purpose that these people have shown.

- Lewis
"Witness courage, amid chaos."

Thy neighbors is a triumph of human spirit who in spite of the tragedies and atrocities that can go through in life, finds a way to rise above and chooses to shine their light in a dark world.

"A beautiful story"

It’s such a beautiful story. I cried through the whole thing- it touched me deeply.

- Cara
"An inspiring film"

The film acknowledges the reality of the atrocities of war but focuses instead on the resilience of survivors who refuse to give up hope and the courage of the volunteers compelled to help them

- Tatiana
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Thy Neighbours Documentary Film #HearTheirVoices

The only way to overcome evil is by doing good.

A heartfelt and honest look at the plight of the civilians of Ukraine and the volunteers who have embraced them as family amidst their war-torn countryside.

Told from the point of view of the filmmakers Elena and Dave  who relocated to Romania after deciding to reach out to their northern neighbors with the gift of soul food and storytelling.

Interviews and stories from refugees and those who refuse to leave will give you a new perspective on the toll that barbaric aggression has left them with.

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How it started
About Thy Neighbours

How we got started on Thy Neighbours

It all starts in February 2022...

February 2022
Returning to my home country of Romania for a short visit, in Feb 2022, my American husband Dave Rogers and I found ourselves shocked by the unfolding invasion in neighboring country Ukraine.
Reality struck
Separated by only a few hours’ drive and a wooden bridge, we watched as terror rained down on families, not unlike our own. Watching them go through such suffering and abuse pulled deeply on our heart strings
A Calling
Returning to the U.S. was not an option. As Christians we are called to love thy neighbor. Even though we didn't know what to do, we knew we will be led to where we were needed most.
Getting started
With a camera in hand and a few supplies, we headed out to the border. What unfolds in this film is a remarkable story of resilience for both us and the individuals we met along the way.
There's always hope
Even though we didn't know how to help, we decided to use what was in our hands. We served through simple gifts – cooking a meal, sharing stories, building homes and lending a hand where needed. We found that amid the tragedy there is hope; that a neighbors’ kindness does make a difference.
The Goal
Our purpose with this film is to tell the story of the women and children that we met along the way and to reflect their resilience. ”THY NEIGHBOURS" is a call to action to everyone on Earth to be part of a powerful kindness movement.

Our goal is to highlight the power of kindness amid tragedy and the strength that hope can provide.
Independently Distributed with your help
We are looking for people who are passionate about helping us making a difference in our society with their individual  gifts or talents. Every one of you plays a crucial part in reaching and impacting more  people as well as create and release  more films with purpose.

That's why we believe in acts of kindess through Pay-it-forward model.

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