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Returning to my home country of Romania for a family visit, my American husband and I found ourselves shocked by an unfolding Russian invasion in nearby Ukraine. Separated by only a few hours’ drive and a wooden bridge, we watched as terror rained down on families, not unlike our own. Returning to the U.S. was not an option. As Christians we are called to love thy neighbor. We knew God would lead us to where we were needed most.

With a camera in hand and a few supplies, we headed out to the Ukrainian border in the early morning. What unfolds in this film is a remarkable story of resilience for both us and the individuals we served, which was only possible through our faith. We served through simple gifts – soul food, storytelling, prayer and lending a hand where needed. We found that amid the tragedy there is hope that a neighbours’ kindness does make a difference.  

Our purpose with this film is to tell the story of the Ukrainian mothers that we met. To reflect their resilience, despite Russia’s efforts to crush their faith and hope. We hope you will see the love that blooms from this violence and chaos: the love for their family, their children, and their country. We want the entire world to see how the Ukrainians are standing up and persevering. Thy Neighbors isn’t just a story just about the war in Ukraine - it's a powerful kindness movement. Our goal is to highlight the power of faith amid tragedy and the strength that hope can provide.

We are seeking donations to support a national U.S. release in both theaters and churches with the purpose of raising funds and awareness for the nonprofit organizations featured in the film.


Thank you for your time and for showing your support and your kindness.

With love,

Elena and Dave

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