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A chance encounter based on real events unveils that sometimes those who appear lost are not the ones that need saving.

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"The finest work of cinematic art."

Elena Beuca’s directorial debut is the FINEST WORK OF CINEMATIC ART that I’ve witnessed in the last decade.

- Wreckd Society
"Beuca’s performance is wonderfully heartfelt."

Beuca’s performance is wonderfully heartfelt, capturing the real emotions of life’s ups and downs until she reaches a tipping point.  Balancing this role with directing could have been a daunting task, but for her, this appears to be as natural as her performance.

- Reel Honest Reviews
"You know have just seen a Masterpiece"

When a film leaves you speechless, with tears rolling down your cheeks, and you find your hand over your heart as you watch the final scene fade to black, you know you have just seen a “MASTERPIECE".

- Reel Honest Reviews
"Gorgeous & rich story filled with love and heart."

An impressive directorial debut for Beuca.  This gorgeous and rich story is filled with love and heart reminding us about what is truly important in life and the connections we make.

- Reel Honest Reviews
"A story with tremendous amount of heart."

Some how this film captures reality in a way that few films ever do.  The film works because Beuca doesn't over write or over edit anything. She never lets things spin out in ways that they wouldn't do so in life.

- Unseen Films
"One of the BEST SURPRISES of the year."

It's a film that shocked the hell out of me, made me smile and stare at the screen wondering why hasn't this film rattled the pillars of film heaven. It's a film destined to end up on my end of year lists, one  of the "BEST SURPRISE OF THE YEAR.”

- Unseen Films
"I was hooked."

The acting and direction are keenly spot-on. No sentiment is overdone, yet thoroughly explored. The power of shifting perspective in the smallest ways - a big message delivered delicately... I will be watching this movie over and over.

- Lauren
"A story with tremendous amount of heart."

Elena Beuca's directorial debut is as impressive as it is moving. The characters are brilliantly relatable. Their flaws and emotional depth are brought to life by writer, Dave Rogers, who tackles the twist and turns of the heart with finesse and a well-honed craft.

- Natalie
"This is what movies should be made of."

I enjoyed the complexity of each character and how their perspectives impacted the meaning of each scene. This movie showed how one chance encounter/experience can change how we see the world.

- EF Martin
"I love this film."

The acting is superb. It is so well written and so well directed. I cry every time I see it. Every time. I know what's coming... But it still gets me.' It's a great story with great characters that moves you. And leaves you thinking about life, love, and trust long after you leave the theater.

- Jordan
"Beautifully and soulfully done."

Beautifully and soulfully done, it was a real pleasure to see it ! Well done, indeed! A movie that touches the heart and inspires the mind to acutely recognize the importance of having more movies such as this one in the theaters.

- Liliana
"A beautiful story, masterfully told."

I have now seen it 3 times and each time I've watched it, I feel so much love for the story, the characters, for myself, for life. It's relatable, real, and thought provoking.. The flashbacks are creative and not forced or gimmicky. It's polished. It's mysterious.

- Sarah

The story of how we got started on Talita Kumi

The idea for the Talita Movie starts 9 years ago... Buckle in.

June 2014
Had a Talita Kumi moment  and realized that one of the things that she  loves to do is tell stories that inspire and awaken people to their purpose. Therefore, decided  to conquer her fears  and direct  her  first feature film Talita Kumi. So together with her,  Dave started  collaborating on writing  the script.
2015 - 2016
Pre-production began, along with production, and post-production.
November 2017
Debuted  the  film at  12 festivals around the country and won 10 consecutive ones for fest feature film, best actress, best female director  from grand jury and audience – with a total of 14 awards!
2018 - 2021
Had to put the film on hold and had to move  to Romania to take care of her brother who suffered a terrible car accident was in a coma. That led to  Covid, more loss …"Hardships often prepares ordinary people for a extraordinary life!!!!!!" - CS Lewis
February 2022
War broke in Ukraine so they went and volunteered for a  year and helped refuges – and made another film  “ thy Neighbours “ about what they have witnessed.
October 2023
We believe in the power of  storytelling  and we believe that  when you  share your   experience  with others, magic happens, things shift, energies are being transferred from the sharer to the reviewer and lives  can be transformed and revived.
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