Films with Purpose

Transforming ideas into reality.

Elliel started from the desire to help people understand the strength we gain when we are driven by faith and the amazing things we can accomplish together as a community. Founded by Elena Beuca and Dave Rogers, Elliel Studios explore themes about human values and moral questions about life, by using real life stories and transforming them into films.

Through unique partnerships with diverse charities, social and spiritual communities from around the world, as well as using traditional and digital distribution, our focus is to reach the conscious consumers who value meaningful content and to inspire them to give back and help their own communities.  Elliel is committed to annually produce up to three documentaries, two narrative feature films, one episodic series as well as digital content.

Our first production Talita, based on a true story, won 14 awards at 10 consecutive film festivals for the Best Feature Film. We believe that anyone can contribute to our vision, either  by Paying it forward or through their unique creative skills  or giving back that is why we also founded Kindness Ambassadors  Foundation and we made it our mission to transform bold ideas into reality by offering a framework in which talent can come to life through film and media.



∼ Carmel international film festival

∼ rah way international film festial

∼ vero beach wine + film festival

∼ portland film festival

∼ new hope film festival

∼ female eye film making award new hope

∼ kansas international film festival

∼ cayman international film festival

∼ best female filmaker fahway international film festival

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What is Elliel?

Elliel is a film production studio as well as a streaming service where we make films, documentaries and tv series to inspire, uplift and forward kindness into humanity. All our films are “by the people, for the people with the help of the people.”

What does “By the people, for the people” mean?

Our films are inspired by real life events, and we make them with the help of the people who lived and experienced them.  Our investors are the audience directly.

How can I support Elliel?

There are many ways to support Elliel. One of the most important ways you can support us and our films is by watching them, by sharing them with your friends and family and besides that,  you can also support our films by paying it forward and investing in the filmmakers or purchasing our merch.

What does the Elliel App contain?

The Elliel app has a library of content of our films, deleted scenes from each film, behind the scenes, inside the films and the story behind each film as well as interviews with the cast and the crew. Also, lots of inspiration and Live sessions from the creators.

What is, "Share my story" campaign?

Share my story is an exclusive campaign where we invite our audience to share a personal testimony – and one of those stories will be selected and make into our next film.

Want to get involved?

~ Let’s talk.